Punjab Politics: Responding to fake Kejriwal, CM Channi said- ‘rumorers’ are misleading people…

New Delhi | Punjab Kejriwal Vs Channi : Congress and AAP are continuously attacking each other before the Punjab Vis Elections. Now Punjab CM Charanjit Singh has called Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal a ‘rumour baz’. He said that the people of Punjab are being misled in the matter of occupying the power of Punjab. He said that the people of Punjab are fully aware of who works for them and who makes promises. CM Channi while addressing a public meeting at Baghapura Anaj Mandi said that Kejriwal should remember that the people of Punjab have never allowed any ‘outsider’ person to rule the state and will not.

Punjab Kejriwal Vs Channi :

Challenge given to Kejriwal

Punjab Kejriwal Vs Channi : The Chief Minister claimed that the Delhi model is non-existent while the Congress’s Punjab model is working in the best possible way for the people. CM Channi alleged that Kejriwal was not even aware of the geography of Punjab and challenged him to explain the difference between the two traditional games of Punjab ‘Gulli Danda’ and ‘Bandar Qilla’.

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Channi was told fake Kejriwal

Punjab Kejriwal Vs Channi : CM Channi said that the dream of robbing Punjab of Kejriwal and Company will never be fulfilled. He said that in whichever state elections are held, the CM of Delhi starts doing it free of cost. Let us inform that earlier, during his visit to Punjab, CM Kejriwal had made Punjab CM Channi a ‘fake Kejriwal’.

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