Qatar 2022: due to the scandal and the suspension of the match against Argentina in São Paulo, FIFA disqualified Brazil, which will not go to the World Cup and instead will go to Chile – MisionesOnline

In addition, it will be the Chilean team that will enter instead of the selected “Verde Amarelo” to complete the quota of participants for the highest competition in world football.

The news caused shock and surprise as the FIFA authorities made the decision with extreme caution and the confirmation came together with a brief statement that described the provision as “an exemplary measure that will set the record.”

The controversial measure arises as a sanction to the Brazilian team for the scandalous suspension of the match for the qualifying rounds of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on September 5, 2021.

It should be remembered that on that occasion, health authorities entered the field of play after a few minutes of the game to end the sporting match due to alleged irregularities in the mandatory isolation to which the players of the Argentine team from England had to submit.

On the other hand, it is timely and no less relevant to remember that Every December 28 in different parts of the world is celebrated the “Day of the Innocents”, date in which endless jokes are usually made in order to fool the unsuspecting and have fun based on their reaction. There is no doubt that this news responds to the spirit of the aforementioned date.

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