Rachel and Ross from Friends as a new couple?

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer together

Fans of Friends are holding their breath. The news has spread around the world that the representatives of Rachel and Ross, ie David Schwimmer (54) and Jennifer Aniston (52) are dating.

The claim arose after the release of the special Friends: Together Again, in which the actors admitted that they had been crazy about themselves years ago during filming, but they never had anything off the screen together.

The alleged source told reporters Closer that the couple had been dating since the filming of the special. “After reunion, it turned out that the memories evoked emotions in both and that the long-buried chemistry is still alive,” he said.

According to the source, the actors remained in contact, and Schwimmer arrived in New York from LA for LA last month. “They spend time in the actress ‘house, enjoying dinner together,” he said, adding that they also visit the actress’ favorite vineyards in Santa Barbara.

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The actors haven’t commented on the matter yet, so the fans have no choice but to dream on. As tempting as Jennifer and David may be as a couple, this is not a very credible speculation at the moment and it is quite possible that they are just good friends.

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