Raid in Kanpur, backfired!

Piyush Jain again so called ‘black money’ The Ganges of the penalty will turn white by bathing. As it is being discussed that this whole ‘black money’ Those who belong to them will also get silver. But the thing to think about is that when the black money was claimed to be eradicated by demonetisation, then where did this black money come from? BJP whichperfume of corruption She started saying ‘overnight’turnover’ How do you see it changing?

Recently, the GST raid on the perfume trader Piyush Jain of Kanpur was very much discussed. In this raid, ‘black money’, gold, silver, sandalwood and other items of about Rs 300 crore were caught. Because there is an environment of election and a member of the Legislative Council of Samajwadi Party is also a Jain and he is a trader of perfume, so without checking the facts, the leaders of the ruling party, the media and the IT cell of the BJP raised the matter on social media as corruption of the Samajwadi Party. . Not only this, even the Prime Minister of the country got applause in the public meeting of Kanpur by calling it ‘the perfume of corruption’.

Piyush Jain’s case might not have come to the fore if GST had not caught the trucks carrying ‘shikhar pan masala’ a few days back in Gujarat. About 200 fake e-way bills were also caught in this truck along with pan masala. After this the officials of Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) moved towards Kanpur and camped there. The truck that was seized belonged to Praveen Jain. Who is the brother-in-law of Ambarish Jain, brother of perfume businessman Piyush Jain. There are more than 40 firms in the name of Praveen Jain.

It is worth mentioning that Piyush Jain’s clue was found only in the raids of Praveen Jain. As soon as Piyush Jain got the news of the raid, he ran away. He came back only after pressure from his family members. On seeing bundles of notes hidden in Piyush Jain’s house, the eyes of the guerilla team of GST were torn apart. Perhaps these officers had not seen such immense wealth before. Looking at the trail of this raid, it appears to be a normal raid. In the initial phase, this raid did not show any political angle. But as soon as ‘Jain’ and ‘perfume trader’ were added, it was associated with the Samajwadi Party in exuberance and there was a lot of noise. Union ministers in the BJP government also made a flurry of tweets on this.

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In fact, when the GST officials found such a huge amount of cash and gold and silver at Piyush Jain, it is obvious that he had to inform the Income Tax Department as well. When further investigation was done and Piyush Jain was interrogated, many more secrets were revealed. It is interesting to mention one thing here that our Vrindavan is considered to be the center of information for the merchants of North India. Most of the merchants of North India visit the temple of Shri Banke Bihari ji regularly and pray for progress in business. All these traders have pilgrimage priests or pandas in Vrindavan. From the day this raid took place in Kanpur, it has been continuously discussed in the pandas of Bihari ji that Piyush Jain has been providing huge amount of donations and resources to BJP and Sangh Parivar for a long time. He got raided here by mistake.

Only then the saying that ‘he who digs a well for others, himself falls in the ditch’ proves to be true. Had the officials come to know about him being a BJP worker in time, the raid might not have happened.

According to the experts, this matter will also be pressed soon. It seems from the newspaper reports that now the huge cash recovered in this raid has been taken as the amount of ‘turnover’ by the GST department of Ahmedabad. Although there is no formal confirmation of this, but if it is so, according to tax experts, this is the first step in the kindness of officials towards corruption.

31.50 crore tax evasion is being said in this ‘turnover’. Taking the penalty of tax evasion and interest thereon, this amount comes to about Rs 52 crore. In such a situation, Piyush Jain can be released on bail by paying only the amount of tax and penalty. On depositing the penalty amount, the Income Tax Department will also not be able to take action in this case of ‘black money’. Piyush Jain will again turn white by bathing in the Ganges of the so-called ‘black money’ penalty. As it is being discussed that the people to whom all this ‘black money’ belongs will also become silver. But the thing to think about is that when the black money was claimed to be eradicated by demonetisation, then where did this black money come from? How the BJP, which started calling it ‘corruption ka perfume’, is turning into a ‘turnover’ overnight.

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