Raids loss or gain to SP?

There was a common belief in Indian politics that if the leaders and close ones of opposition parties are harassed by the government before the elections, then they generate sympathy for them. First of all, there should be a government of any party., Didn’t bother the opposition leaders. Hence the idiom of meeting everyone. But after the formation of Narendra Modi’s government at the Centre, both the idiom and the practice have changed. Now the opposition parties are also harassed and beaten up by raids etc. just before the elections.

Prior to the elections, the process of raids is going on in Uttar Pradesh these days as part of the strategy of intimidating and weakening everyone by raiding the leaders of opposition parties and their businessmen. First raids were conducted on the perfume and gutkha traders. After that raids were conducted on the shoe makers and then it was the turn of the real estate businessmen. Action of Income Tax Department and GST could have been done earlier also but choosing the time before an election, they did not put any veiledness in conveying the message.

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The question is how much damage will be caused to the SP by the raids on the leaders of the main opposition Samajwadi Party and businessmen close to them., Or is it not that it will benefit, people’s sympathy will be with him, It can be considered a coincidence that as soon as the action of the central agencies starts. ,First Grass, Done, Due to which the chances of loss to the opposition party were reduced. The first raid was to be held at the place of perfume trader and SP’s MLC Pushpraj Jain alias Pammi Jain, but due to similarity in name and business, the raid fell to Piyush Jain. He has two hundred crore rupees in cash and 64 kg of gold recovered It was later revealed that he had nothing to do with SP. This raid alerted everyone else.

Eight days later, Piyush Jain, Ayub Khan etc. was raided and after that Ajay Choudhary of ACE Group, a real estate company, and others were raided. Misrepresentation of name and delay in raids gave everyone a chance to rescue and on the other hand a message was sent to the common people that raids were being conducted deliberately and only to harass. Keep in mind that the agencies did not find anything special in the subsequent raids. On the contrary, SP and its leader Akhilesh Yadav got a chance to gain sympathy. It cannot be said that how much it will benefit in the vote, but it has definitely helped in creating an impression.

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