Rajasthan farmers are struggling for sale due to bumper yield of pomegranate

Jaipur , The farmers of the state have suffered huge losses due to excessive supply of pomegranate in the country. Because they are struggling to sell their produce. Despite good production, farmers are not getting buyers for their pomegranates.

Earlier pomegranate was sold for Rs 70 to 100 per kg but now farmers of the state are getting only Rs 15 to Rs 50 per kg in the wholesale market. The huge difference in prices is causing huge losses to the farmers.

Rajendra Narang, president of Muhana Mandi Fruit Sellers Association, said that it is a matter of good luck that pomegranate from Maharashtra is not in the market, otherwise most of the state’s produce would have gone to the dustbin.

“This year, due to bumper production in other states and Rajasthan, our sales have been affected. We are not getting desired buyers. Also this year’s produce is small in size, which has added to our troubles. Narang said that better quality and larger size pomegranates can be procured from other markets, farmers in Rajasthan are not getting their desired price.

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The second reason is said to be the winter rains, which have slowed down the sales of all the succulent fruits. There is a demand for pomegranate juice, but due to winter and small size of the fruit, that part of the market is also very slow.

Hastimal Rajpurohit, a farmer from Barmer, is desperate to sell his pomegranate produce to traders, but finds no one to pay him a fair price. He is one of the thousands of pomegranate farmers in Rajasthan who are not getting good price in the market due to high production in the country.

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Hastimal says, “I am not sure whether I will be able to sell my production this year or not. This year has been really tough as no one is ready to pay the price. Our produce is hardly getting Rs 30 per kg.

A farmer of Padru village had to face heavy loss as 40 thousand kg of his pomegranate got rotten on the trees due to lack of buyers. More than 10,000 farmers are affected by this crisis in Barmer, Sirohi, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Pali.

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