Rajasthan: Not the government, but the temple administration closed the doors, Khatu Dham and…

Jaipur. Rajasthan Corona Khatu Dham : In the last few days, there has been a sudden increase in the cases of infection across the country. A similar condition of Corona is being seen in Rajasthan as well. In view of this, many restrictions have also been imposed by the Rajasthan government, in which along with the closure of schools, colleges have been asked to close the market after 8:00 pm. Even after this, frightening pictures are coming out from the temples of Rajasthan. Even in this era of epidemic, a large number of devotees are reaching the temples and the carelessness is clearly visible here. Seeing the ever-increasing crowd in the temples, the administration is also scared. The temple administration has also expressed concern about the crowd.

Rajasthan Corona Khatu Dham :

Steps taken in two big temples…

Rajasthan Corona Khatu Dham : Seeing the crowd in the temples, now the temple administration has started taking steps. It has been told that the doors of Khatu Dham and Mehandipur Balaji temple of Sikar, which are included in the two most famous temples of the state, have been closed as a precautionary measure. In Sikar’s Khatu Shyam, curfew has been imposed by the temple administration. At the same time, the darshan of devotees in Mehandipur Balaji has been banned for the time being. It has been said from both the temple administrations that the situation becomes uncontrollable and we do not want the offerings of Corona to be distributed at the rate of God.

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cases are increasing continuously

Rajasthan Corona Khatu Dham : Let us tell you that the infection is spreading rapidly in Rajasthan. This is the reason why the wrong government is taking big and tough decisions from time to time. Be it the matter of closure of schools, colleges, coaching institutes or to close the market soon, the government has taken many tough steps. In such a situation, it is expected that after the closure of the doors of two temples, such news will start coming from other temples also.

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