Rajasthan: Raj’s priest said in Sirohi – migrant political workers are not getting justice…

Sirohi. Rajasthan Sirohi BJP News : Migrant leader, BJP Maharashtra State Vice President and former cabinet minister Raj K Purohit has talked about the migrant Rajasthanis. He said that political awareness has come in them but expressed concern that whatever the party may be, all the parties have done the work of suppressing the political workers by not giving them proper representation. There is anger among the migrant workers about this. During his stay in Sirohi, Purohit told the local journalists that in the coming days, there would be conferences regarding awareness among migrant workers and agitation would also be organized if needed.

Political justice was not found in proportion to the numbers

Rajasthan Sirohi BJP News : Senior BJP leader Raj K Purohit, who arrived on a one-day stay at Sirohi from Mumbai, interacted with reporters at the local Ramdev Hotel. Here he talked in detail about the role of migrants and the rights and respect they get, and informed them about running a vigorous campaign on behalf of the migrants at the all-India level. The man told that the migrant political workers have started feeling that they have not got political justice in proportion to the numbers.

Rajasthan Sirohi

We remember when elections come

Rajasthan Sirohi BJP News : Purohit said that on January 2, 2022, there will be a huge conference in Jalna Maharashtra regarding this. The migrant leader even said that how the migrant worker is being exploited, how we will not tolerate, he said that when elections come, we remember and later forget us. He said that he is constantly working to connect the migrants, the distortion that has come in the migrant youth and the people who are turning away from their culture, by running a campaign to keep them connected with the motherland, strengthen the soil of Marwar and strengthen it. will work to do.

here are included

Rajasthan Sirohi BJP News : Raj’s priest informed that he is constantly working to increase the long distance trains that the migrants are facing again and again, similarly, theft, dacoity, land encroachment in the closed houses of migrants in the village, For the protection of property, we are also demanding protection, security from the government. Former District President Lumbaram Chaudhary, Deeparam Purohit, City President Lokesh Khandelwal, Advocate Ashok Purohit, Hemant Purohit, Mahipal Charan etc. were present during this press conference.

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Government is not paying attention to migrants

Rajasthan Sirohi BJP News : Purohit expressed his displeasure and said that the government uses the migrant Rajasthanis as Bhamashah but is not serious in resolving the minor problems faced by them. He demanded that the government should create a separate department and appoint officers to solve the problems related to migrants.

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