Rajasthan: Refusing friendship, class 12th student stabbed the girl in the neck, left in a bloody condition and fled

Jaipur | Student Attack on Girl: In Rajasthan, the incident of slitting the throat of a girl student in the school has shaken everyone. The only fault of the 11th class student was that she refused to be friends with the accused student. The incident is from the government school of Bituda Kala village in Pali of the state.

Student Attack on Girl: The student who carried out this sensational incident, is studying in class 12th and on Tuesday attacked the girl of class 11th with a sharp weapon on her neck for refusing friendship. On hearing the noise, he fled leaving the girl in a bloody condition. The girl has been referred to Pali in a serious condition.

When the school was attacked publicly, the rest of the students trembled
According to the police, the girl was in the class at the time of lunch in the school. During this, the accused student came there and tried to slit the girl’s throat with a sharp weapon, due to which the girl was bled. The sudden incident in the class shook the other students present there. On information about the incident, the school staff with the help of people admitted the injured girl student to Marwar Junction Community Health Center. Who was referred to Pali after first aid.

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Daughter demanded 1 crore extortion:

was troubling the student for many days
The injured student, who was a victim of the incident, told the police that the accused student was harassing her for the past several days and pressurizing her for friendship. The girl did not want to be friends with him. On Tuesday also the accused came to the class for friendship. The accused student wrote dirty things on the class board to harass her, on which the student called her brother there. The girl’s brother also explained a lot to the accused, but he attacked the girl student, threatening to kill her.

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The accused also reached the hospital to find out the condition of the girl student.
The accused, who fled from the school after the attack, reached the hospital to find out whether she was alive or dead. When the family members of the girl came to know about her arrival, they tried to nab her but he escaped from there by dodging them.

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