Rajasthan: Sister reached home to marry my brother, there was a lot of ruckus…

Alwar | Rajasthan Alwar Love Marriage : It is said that love is blind. Still, those who love at least have the dignity of relationships, then they should be visible. Today’s young lovers do not give importance to this, a similar case has come to the fore from Dholpur in Rajasthan. A 16-year-old girl living in Alwar district fled to Dholpur with her boyfriend and my brother. Both also took vows to live and die together. But when the family members got new information about this, they reached to take the girl back. What was it then, as soon as the loving couple got to know that the family members were coming, both of them started creating a ruckus. A crowd of people gathered at Modi Tirahe in Dholpur and someone informed the matter to Nihal Ganj police station.

Rajasthan Alwar Love Marriage :

The affair was going on for 3 years

Rajasthan Alwar Love Marriage : This illicit relationship between my brother and a minor girl was going on for the last 3 years. Along with the family members, the police took this loving couple with them to the police station. Both said that they want to live with each other and neither do they consider my relationship as a blood relation. Along with the family, the police also tried to convince both of them a lot but they were not ready to listen to anything. Seeing the commotion increasing, the police recorded the statements of both of them.

Both families evicted

Rajasthan Alwar Love Marriage : Both the young man and the girl were evicted from their property by the family members. The girl’s father said that she would not accept this marriage as right till her last breath. The same boy side also does not consider marriage as right. Please tell that the boy is an adult and the girl is just 16 years old. The family members have categorically refused to take the girl with them. The police is investigating the matter and talks are on with both.

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