Record case in Delhi, Mumbai

New Delhi. Amidst the increasing infection of the new variant Omicron of the corona virus, cases of the Delta variant have also started increasing rapidly across the country. The record of six and a half months has been broken in the case of new corona patients in the capital Delhi, while the maximum number of cases have come in Mumbai in two and a half months. in Delhi on Friday 24 in the hour 180 New cases have been found. This is the largest number of patients found in a single day after June 6. On the other hand in Mumbai on Friday 603 New patients found. This is the biggest number since October 6.

The increase in the number of corona patients in Delhi is very worrying because 100% of the adult population here has received the first dose of the vaccine. On Friday itself, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that 100 percent of the eligible population in Delhi has received the first dose. The coverage of vaccination is very wide in Mumbai too., Despite this, new cases are increasing there too.

The number of corona patients in the capital Delhi in the last seven days 96.7 The percentage has increased. In view of this, a new Covid wave is being feared in the state. from nine 15 In Delhi in the middle of December 362 corona cases were found, Whereas 16 From 22 middle of december 712 Got the case. During this, the number of Omicron infected also doubled. 67 Arrived. Currently in Delhi 624 There are more active cases. More than one hundred cases are being received in Delhi continuously for the last four days.

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On the other hand, in Mumbai on Friday due to corona virus 683 New cases emerged. This is the highest number since October 6. Health officials said that in view of the increasing number of patients of both Delta and Omicron variants of Corona, the Maharashtra government has decided to impose new restrictions in the state to avoid crowding. The Chief Minister’s Office had said in a statement late Thursday that the guidelines would be issued on Friday. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray gave the state Kovid-19 Interacted with the members of the task force and it is being told that they have organized the celebration of Christmas and New Year., Discussed ways to avoid crowds during weddings and parties in hotels and restaurants.

Omicron patients close to four hundred

The number of patients of Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus in the country, has reached close to four hundred. In Maharashtra, the state with the highest number of cases of this new variant, the number of patients has exceeded one hundred. Omicron on Friday in Maharashtra 20 New cases have been found. With this, Maharashtra has become the first state in the country to have more than one hundred Omicron patients. Now the total in the state 108 Omicron has become a patient.

A new patient was found in West Bengal on Friday. returned from ireland 27 A year old youth has been found infected. Whereas in Gujarat 13 People have been found infected with Omicron. Of these, seven in Vadodara, three in the field, Two patients have been found in Ahmedabad and one in Anand. With this, the number of patients of the new variant has increased in the country. 396 has occurred. After Maharashtra in terms of Omicron patients 67 Delhi ranks second with patients.

however, In Maharashtra, the Ministry of Health has told that out of the new patients found on Friday 11 are from mumbai, While six are residents of Pune. Total on Friday in the state 1,410 corona patient found, in which 603 The cases are from Mumbai. Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government has ordered home quarantine for seven days for all those returning to Mumbai from Dubai. Apart from this, the restrictions of Corona will also be implemented in the state from Friday night. Under this, there will be a ban on the gathering of more than five people at one place.

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