Regional Amateur | Tonight Guaraní will visit Victoria with the aim of staying one step away from the ascent

Guarani He will visit Victoria with the hope of being closer to the promotion to Federal A. At the beginning of 2021, the missionary team failed to overcome the Corrientes and lost the chance to fight for promotion. However, this 2022 will give revenge for those of Villa Sarita since those led by Carlos “el Polaco” Marczuk come firmly in the tournament.

The truth is that so far Guaraní Antonio Franco is undefeated in the Federal Amateur since in the group stage he managed to finish first with five wins and a draw in one against Bartolomé Miter in the Villa Sarita neighborhood of Posadas. In the round of 16, he eliminated Comunicaciones de Mercedes 7-0 on aggregate. In the first match played in Corrientes, La Franja won 2-0 while in Misiones it was 5-0.

Guaraní Antonio Franco returned to training at the end of December

With a full squad, Guaraní Antonio Franco began his physical preparation on Monday for the second stage of the Regional Amateur Tournament, where he will have to face Victoria de Curuzú Cuatía on January 9. Cristian Barinaga, a benchmark for the team, trains differently.

After the Christmas party, the only missionary team in the race for one of the four promotion to Federal A, returned to training and already has its head in its next rival: Deportivo Victoria de Curuzú Cuatiá, Corrientes.

“We are already thinking about what will be the continuity of the tournament and also in the next game, where on January 9 we have to compete again. We are already accommodating ourselves for everything that comes “, expressed Carlos« El Polaco »Marczuk, coach of the“ Franja ”in dialogue with the informative summary of Misiones Online TV.

Regarding the physical work that they will carry out in the coming days, the coach stated “tomorrow (Tuesday) we are going to continue with a reconditioning, on Wednesday it will be the highest physical load and then Thursday and Friday we will work with the ball and in confined spaces to lower the loads, ”he said.

Keep the game idea

On the other hand, the native of the city of Oberá indicated that his team will not resign the idea that he showed in the first stage of the contest and allowed him to be the best classified in the North Coast Region.

“We gradually improved our game, form and partnerships on the court. We want this stoppage not to cut us off from the evolution we have been having in the defensive and offensive game, ”said the technical director.

“We know that we are facing a rival who knows what he plays with his two defensive lines and is waiting around waiting for the opponent’s mistake to take advantage of it, so the idea is to proclaim a lot of patience, have the ball and try to find space. just to be able to face Victoria and hurt her, “he added.

Finally, the technical director assured that you have to go game after game and not rush as it does not matter how the rival comes. “A mistake can cause you problems and can even leave you out of the contest. The idea is to lower the margin of error to 0 in our team, we will try to continue proclaiming the same thing and hopefully things continue to turn out as they have been up to now ”.

Guaraní will visit Victoria

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