Regional Tournament: Sporting de Santo Pipó defeated Olimpia / San Antonio

The cast led by Diego Millan recovered from the setback on the first date and against Olimpia he added his first points in Zone 1 of the North Coast Region. For its part, Olimpia reaped its second defeat in a row.

At 21 minutes, Pablo Reis scored the first goal of the match in Santo Pipó but the joy was short-lived because Thiago Arteta temporarily equalized the match at 23 minutes.

Then, in the complement, at 5 minutes, Lucas Velazquez headed the game and secured the first three points for the Piposeño team.

On the next date, Sporting will be local to Guaraní Antonio Franco and Olimpia / San Antonio will receive Bartolomé Miter in Oberá.

Photo: Sporting Press

Aldous McEwan

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