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Postgraduate Careers:

• Doctorate in Health Sciences. Start: March 11
• Master’s Degree in Clinical Gerontology (La Rioja Campus) Start: April 8
• Master’s Degree in Clinical Gerontology (Bs.As. Headquarters) Start: April 15
• Master’s in Public Health. Start: April 8
• Master’s in Neuropsychopharmacology. Start: August 19
• Specialization in Nutrition. Start: April 8
• Legal Medicine Specialization. Start: March 11


• Diploma in Didactics and University Pedagogy in Health areas. Start: March 28
• Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation. Start: April 5
• Diploma in Obesity: from biology to the clinic. Start: April 8
• Diploma in Oncological Dermatology. Start: April 19

Postgraduate Courses:

• Pain Medicine Course. Start: May 23
• Theoretical Course – Practical Nutritional Support. Start: April 6

For more information on the Postgraduate proposals and the admission process, go to or consult by email at [email protected] (Buenos Aires Headquarters), [email protected] (La Rioja Headquarters). Likewise, from Monday, January 31, to Tuesday, March 8, interested parties will be able to participate in different live webinars where they will learn about the Postgraduate proposals and their field of professional application (check the agenda of meetings at ar/events)

About the Barceló Foundation

The Barceló Foundation is synonymous with academic and scientific knowledge and the transmission of values, aimed at training professionals who are committed and involved in current problems in the field of health.

The strategic location of its three headquarters: Buenos Aires, La Rioja and Santo Tomé (Corrientes), provides a unique educational experience, in which students can make contact with different social and health realities, as well as learn about the particularities of the health system Argentinian.

According to the requirements established at the national level, all careers are approved by ministerial resolution, and accredited before the CONEAU in the corresponding cases.

In addition to the distance courses and university extension that, complemented by agreements with hospitals, universities and other institutions, offer a broad and enriching educational proposal for future and current health professionals.

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