Bacterial vaginosis is a condition where certain bacteria levels become out of imbalance on a woman’s private parts. This condition is amongst the most common infections in women and it mainly affects women who are in child bearing age or those who are pregnant. It main characteristics include itching, discharge, pain and burning during urination. Some women might get this condition and fail to notice because it hides its symptoms in some women. There are various treatments of bacterial vaginosis which are known to be effective.

One bacterial vaginosis treatment that is effective is using antibiotics such as clindamycin and metronidazole. These antibiotics have components that are capable of killing the bad bacteria consequently creating balanced level of the necessary bacteria in a woman’s private part. The antibiotics are usually used as prescriptions from qualified doctors but they can also be bought over the counter. Consulting a doctor prior to using these antibiotics is important especially in pregnant women so as to ensure that the antibiotics do not have any negative effects on the pregnancy.

There is also a home treatment for this condition which involves using substances which are readily available in home such as yoghourt and garlic. These two substances are especially helpful because they have components that enhance production of the good bacterial which ultimately creates a balanced level of bacteria on the private parts. Yoghourt and garlic can be applied directly to the private parts and also they can be consumed just like any other food. While applying directly one is advised to apply while going to bed and leave them over night so that they can be effective.

Using a healthy diet is also an effective bacterial vaginosis treatment where one is advised to increase usage of some healthy foods. Amongst the foods that are recommended include; fruits, flax seed oils, vegetables, whole grains, fish and herbal teas such as black walnut and tea tree oil. These foods have qualities that enhance production of the good bacteria to create a balance in the levels of bacteria. These foods can be consumed together or one can use just those that are available.

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