River dropped Rollheiser and Angileri from the preseason because they did not renew their contracts

River went down to Rollheiser and Angileri

The campus of River He traveled to San Martín de Los Andes this Monday, where he will carry out the first part of the preseason. However, there are two players who stayed in Buenos Aires: Fabrizio Angileri and Benjamin Rollheiser, who have a contract until the middle of the year and have not yet reached an agreement to renew the relationship.

The decision of the leadership is that the players do not join the group until they sign a new contract, which would prevent them from being released in a few months.

The situation of Benjamin Rollheiser and Fabrizio Angileri

They are two different cases. Negotiations with Rollheiser are underway, so they hope that he will sign in the next few days and be able to move to the city of Neuquén as soon as possible.

With Angileri the situation is more complicated. The parties are not close in the intended numbers and the side does not rule out the possibility of changing the air in the middle of the year, taking into account the economic difference that is handled with foreign leagues.

The 28-year-old footballer, who is free to start negotiating with teams for the second half of the year, rejected important proposals while waiting for River to get closer to his claims, something that does not happen at the moment.

Coronavirus cases in River

River went down to Rollheiser and Angileri
The cases of Covid-19 in River

Five footballers and some members of the River coaching staff tested positive for coronavirus and also dropped from the start of the preseason.

According to the institution, there are five infected footballers: Nicolás De la Cruz (who is in Uruguay and could not travel), Javier Pinola, Carlos Auzqui, Cristian Ferreira and Franco Petroli. In addition, there are also members of the coaching staff who tested positive in the swabs. One of them is Hernán Buján, Marcelo Gallardo’s assistant.

In addition, Agustín Palavecino could not be part of the delegation either, since he is isolated because his wife tested positive for coronavirus.


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