River Plate’s historic number 10 shirt changed ownership

The historic number will no longer be used by Jorge Carrascal and this was confirmed this morning, when he was seen wearing shorts number 25. The Colombian attacker gave him 10 neither more nor less than to his compatriot Juan Fernando Quintero, who is close to become the fourth millionaire booster.

It is worth remembering that Quintero already used River 10 in his first stage. Although he started with number 8, the number with which he converted Boca’s historic goal in the Copa Libertadores final in Madrid, from 2019 until his departure from the club in September 2020, he used the iconic number.

What is the main obstacle to solve in the pass from Quintero to River

Shenzhen, the Chinese club in which Juanfer played until a few days ago, is immersed in economic problems and that is why the payments he has to give to the Colombian are a reason for complication, although the negotiations are underway and his departure from the Chinese team would not be a problem. However, what would delay his arrival in Núñez is the contract he would have at El Millonario.

It is only about details, but not minor. Jorge Brito and company must agree with Juanfer the duration that the link will have in River and also the payment method that it will carry out, taking into account the restrictions that prevail in Argentina. It will not be easy and patience will have to be resorted to, but both parties are confident that they will come to fruition and Quintero will have his second cycle at the club.

Jorge Carrascal is wanted by Nacional de Uruguay

The Purse would offer a loan and the Millionaire does not close the doors to the proposal, but asked for a high amount for the loan, something that would complicate the operation.

The Copa Libertadores is the maximum objective proposed by all participating clubs at the beginning of a new year. Each one seeks to strengthen and prepare to be able to fight to the end to be the champion of America. And River, who arrived in San Martín de los Andes to start the first part of the preseason, is no exception, as is Nacional de Uruguay, three-time continental champion, who is looking for one of the Millionaire’s figures.

The Purse wants Jorge Carrascal and seeks a loan for River 10, still without a confirmed place among the 11 holders of Marcelo Gallardo. El Millo did not close the door to a possible transfer, but what he did was respond by asking for a high figure as a position, something that would complicate the operation.

For now, the 23-year-old Colombian is in San Martín de los Andes along with the rest of the squad, putting first in the preparation that will make them endure a whole year of maximum competition. Thus, he begins his third season at the club, and dreams of being the one that will definitely catapult him as an important piece in the Doll’s team.

river number 10

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