Robotic moves of the dragon! China deployed robotic arms near the Indian border

New Delhi | India China Tension: China, which has become a constant problem for India on the border, is once again deploying robots equipped with machine guns on the border with India, cherishing its nefarious dreams. In such a situation, near the mountainous region of Ladakh region, China has now installed robotic machines in place of soldiers.

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Chinese soldiers have problems in cold and mountains
India China Tension: A report has claimed that the Chinese soldier is not able to live in high altitude and cold areas. Due to which the Chinese soldiers have to face great difficulties due to the cold and high altitude in the inaccessible mountainous area. That’s why China has taken this break for its soldiers.

Robotic weapons increasing on the dragon border
The People’s Liberation Army has sent a large number of unmanned ground vehicles to areas close to Ladakh. In which 88 Sharp Claw unmanned ground vehicles have been deployed in Tibet and 38 of them have been deployed in the western side. The Sharp Claw can be controlled wirelessly.

According to the information, the Chinese weapon Sharp Claw can be used for patrolling and transportation of weapons and logistics work in difficult terrain. Robotized Mule-200 is deployed in Tibet. It can carry 200 kg of ammunition, supplies and even weapons at a time in difficult terrain. Let us tell you that Dagon is depositing this weapon where the soldiers of China and India are standing face to face.

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