Ronaldo was about to leave FIFA World Cup 2022 midway, threatened to pack bags

All is not well between the Portuguese team and their star player Cristiano Ronaldo. Now Ronaldo’s problems with the team are increasing continuously. Tremendous information has come to light about Ronaldo and his team.
In fact, star player Cristiano Ronaldo was so angry with the coach of the Portugal team that he was ready to leave for his home in the middle of the ongoing FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar. He was so angry with his team that he was about to pack his bags and go home. However, after persuasion by teammates, Ronaldo calmed down and stayed with the team. Now information has come that even though Ronaldo has stopped in the FIFA World Cup for the team, his anger with the coach has not subsided yet. Even before the FIFA World Cup quarter-final match against Morocco, the fire continued like this.
According to Portuguese media reports, Ronaldo is also very upset that he has not been included in the match against Switzerland. For this reason, Ronaldo was also seen very disappointed during the match. However, the reason for Ronaldo’s exclusion has not been revealed. Ronaldo was included in the team in the 73rd minute during the match. Even after this match, Ronaldo went straight to the dressing room.
According to the information, Ronaldo has also talked to coach Fernando Santos after this match to end the mutual differences. Ronaldo has made it clear that he has not liked the coach’s decision. He made it clear to the coach that if he was not included in the final team in the next match, he would leave the World Cup midway and go back. It is believed that there has been a lot of debate between the two. However, seeing the need of the team, Ronaldo has stayed back and has not returned home.
Significantly, Ronaldo has also remained in the headlines during the World Cup. In such a situation, if Ronaldo had left the World Cup and returned in the middle, it would have had quite the opposite effect. However, by removing personal problems, he is busy in winning the World Cup along with other players of the team. It has also been reported that Ronaldo is so upset that he did not practice with the team after the Switzerland match.

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