Roth de Garupá Avenue was paved by Vialidad

The Provincial Directorate of Roads (DPV) is executing paving works on Roth Avenue in the town of Garupá. In this artery, asphalt work on cobblestones began under the Urban Pavement Program.

With the paving of Roth Avenue, at this stage, there will be a total of 13 blocks that will finally have paving according to the current needs of the intervened sectors.

roth avenue
Paved on Roth Avenue

In order to advance with the works in the paved sections, a storm sanitation task and basic work were previously completed in one segment.

roth avenue
Paving on Roth Avenue in Garupá

In 2021, more than 50 blocks were asphalted in Garupá. The works are financed with resources from the Provincial State and are executed by the DPV for the development of municipalities with road works that allow improving traffic and connectivity in urban areas.

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