Ruckus over Sunny Leone’s song, people started saying shame…

New Delhi | Sunny Leone Controversy: Sunny Leone, who made her entry in Indian films from the porn industry, is once again embroiled in controversies. This time a controversy has erupted over a song by Sunny Leone. This song was released on 22 December, after which the constant controversy has started. People are trolling Sunny Leone in a tremendous way on social media. Angry people say that through such songs and videos, such artists are hurting the sentiments of Hinduism. People are trying to teach a lesson to Sunny Leone in your way on social media.

Demand raised to ban the song

Sunny Leone Controversy: After the release of Sunny Leone’s song, now there is a demand to ban it. After the release of Sunny Leone’s song, he himself asked him on Twitter that did he see this song? Just then what was the anger of the people on Sunny Leone. One after the other, people started getting angry on Sunny Leone’s tweet. Even Sunny Leone could hardly have thought that a controversy could arise over the song in this way. Now people are demanding to ban this song in social media. People say that Hinduism cannot be made fun of in this way.

What do people object to

Sunny Leone Controversy: People have objections from Sunny Leone’s dance to the lyrics of this song. People say that Radha was not a dancer but a devotee of Lord Krishna. She can never dance like this. Along with this, some people also say that Madhuban is a place of peace, so it is very shameful to be presented in this way. At the same time, some people also have objections to its lyrics. People say that sentiments are being hurt by doing absurd dance with ridiculous lyrics.

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