Rugby Super 8: CAPRI became champion after beating Cataratas 20-5

Capri became champion of the José Pepe Mierez Cup Rugby Super 8, after beating Cataratas by 20 to 5.
The contest was organized by the Misiones Rugby Union (URUMI).

On a sunny and hot day in Iguazú, Capri shouted champion, widely surpassing in almost all passages of the match to Cataratas that I cannot capture on-court what he showed throughout the tournament and what led him to stay with first place. 

As soon as the match started, the Azurros took the lead and broke the score through the hands of Matías Falero and then followed by another by Paul Echeverría. The posadeños went to rest with the result 12-0 in their favor. 

In the second half, during the first minutes, the locals discounted with a try by Matías Díaz that renewed hopes, but the deconcentration played a trick on them and they were left with two fewer players for 15 minutes.  

In the final passage of the meeting Capri took advantage of the numerical advantage and with a try from Santiago Horrisberger sealed the match in favor of the visit that became champion. 


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