Sahir sahib, had you ever heard the names of the enemy of man like Corona and Omicron?

, Ali Peter john
I don’t know why you are remembered everyday.
Even today it seems dark
Even today humans are crushed and crushed
Today women are sold in the markets and their sex is traded
Today children are begging on the street and every nook and corner
Today injustice is done on the laborers and on the workers.
Even today leaders rule as Gods on the hearts and minds of the people.
Even today the value of humans is nothing
Even today a person has to stretch his hands for bread for two times.
Even today, dogs roam in big vehicles and small children stop and look at those dogs and think, “I wish we were born dogs” and the dog in the car smiles seeing them and sits in the car ahead. leaves with his faithful master
Even today the farmer fights for his rights, agitates and even dies.
And all the other problems and social, political and physical diseases are the same as they were in your time….
And we were becoming adept at handling all these hardships that….
Two big and unknown and deadly diseases have attacked us and we are slowly getting ruined by their attacks, both diseases have wonderful names, one is Corona and one is Omicron and both are thinking of it all the time. How do we put an end to this proud and sinful human being?
These two diseases have not spared anyone, these two diseases do not differentiate between rich and poor, black and white, brahmin and shudra and rich and leader and priest, they kill everyone in the same way….
And now they are also trapping me and your Bollywood in their bloody web and the Bollywood which used to think that we are not less than anyone, the same Bollywood cries, shouts, pleads and begs to be saved from above too.
Right now Corona and Omicron have organized a fair of ruin, what will happen next, perhaps no God or God or even God knows, this Corona and Omicron have brought us all to our knees and if our prayers are not heard, then tomorrow who knows what will happen

But we still have hope like you expected 70 years ago and we also say the same thing, what you said, that morning will come sometime, that morning will definitely come, that morning will surely come to us. Have to bring
We remember that creation of yours which showed mirror to its era and time.
Today there is a dire need to show the mirror to the era, but where is Sahir Ludhianvi today?
that morning will come sometime
From the heads of these dark centuries, when the night will set
When the clouds of sorrow melt, when the ocean of happiness will spill
When Amber will dance with jhoom, when the earth will sing songs
that morning will come sometime
For the sake of the morning we all die and live
The morning in which in the drop of nectar, we drink poisoned cups
On these hungry and thirsty souls, one day they will perform karma
that morning will come sometime
Believe that now your aspirations are not worth anything
Soil also has some value but
Humans cost nothing
When the honor of humans is false, it will not be weighed in coins
that morning will come sometime
Once again read the above lines back, read them carefully. You will be convinced that whatever Sahir said 70 years ago is true even today.
Is not it?

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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