Said Owaisi-Modi-Yogi, Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah and Akhilesh… all sit together and decide who is the biggest Hindu…

Moradabad | UP Election Owaisi Speech: Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, all the political parties have put their full emphasis. AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, who is trying his luck in the UP elections for the first time, is also holding rallies one after the other. There is no doubt that wherever Owaisi goes, he gathers gatherings because the presence of his fans makes him big. In such a situation, Owais once again surrounded both the BJP and the Congress while addressing a public meeting in Moradabad. From Prime Minister Modi, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Home Minister Amit Shah, Akhilesh Yadav, he also targeted former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Owaisi said that you all sit together and decide who is the biggest Hindu.

UP Election Owaisi Speech

Some Hindu and some talk of Hindutva…

UP Election Owaisi Speech: In his own style, Owaisi took a jibe at all the political parties and said that any Hindu talks about Hindutva. Owaisi said that I want to know who will come forward for those who do not go to the temple?? What will happen to them in Uttar Pradesh? Owaisi said that it is also a big joke that whenever elections come, these days a dispute starts between a small Hindu and a big Hindu. Owaisi said that after all what does this dispute have to do with the general public.

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Bulli Bhai targeted you too…

UP Election Owaisi Speech: Owaisi also attacked Narendra Modi fiercely on Bulli App. Owaisi said that PM Modi, you lie, you are not a friend of Muslim women but an enemy. Here, through an app, photographs of Muslim women journalists are put up and auctioned, you sit and watch and do not say anything on it. Owaisi said that I speak against what is wrong, now if you want, take legal action against me.

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