Samsung now offers users to design their own smartphone

Smartphone design hasn’t changed much in recent years, and customers are often tied to the decisions manufacturers make.

However now, during a virtual press event, Samsung announced that it plans to change that with a concept that makes users are part of the design process.

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Users can be part of the creative design of their cell phone.

The company showed a custom version of the Flip 3 so people they can now choose from a set of design options to reflect their personality or taste.

It is possible to choose the frame either black or silver, select several colors (blue, yellow, white, pink or black) for the front and back panel, or choose a striped pattern if we want a multicolored design. In this way, in total up to 49 different combinations can be made. It builds on its existing Bespoke product line, as is the case with refrigerators.

“This is the first time we’ve given customers so much personalization on their mobile devices.”the company said during the event.

Users who want to personalize their mobile device can do so through Samsung’s “Bespoke Studio” page. The starting price for these designs starts at US $ 1,099.99, onwards.

Samsung isn’t the first company to experiment with a customizable phone. In 2013, Motorola’s Moto X allowed users to choose from 18 rear color options, seven trim options, and different material options, such as plastic or wood.

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Up to 49 different combinations can be made.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 can also be similarly customized. The smartwatch also received some new updates to give users more control over its look and experience. These include new watch faces – such as displays focused on weather and health – a gesture control feature and improved fall detection.

In August, Samsung introduced its $ 999 Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phone with a design reminiscent of the foldable phones of the early 2000s. The Flip 3 is thinner, lighter, more durable and water resistant than Samsung’s previous folding models and introduces new multitasking options, support for the S Pen – a feature of the Note – and a camera that lives below the screen that could one day spell the end of the hated notch.

Its latest press event comes during a busy week of tech product launches with Apple and Google also launching new devices ahead of the important holiday season. Products are launched in the middle of constant concerns about global component shortages and logistics issues.

It’s unclear how quickly Samsung will be able to deliver orders for its new Bespoke products, but the fact that it only launches in six markets may help alleviate some shipping concerns.

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Samsung has long been a leader in technology customization.

Samsung has long been a leader in technology customization. In 2017, it introduced the Frame TV that hangs on the wall and also doubles as a work of art when not in use. Meanwhile, your Bespoke refrigerator is custom built with different materials and colors, and features like temperature control that can be modified through your SmartThings app.


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