Sanjay Mishra: I am a lucky actor that I am able to show the problem of water and the problem of environment to the audience with my art.

,Wow Zindagi” and “Turtle” both very soon zee5 What would you like to say about it going to premiere on K? And what role are you playing in these films?

Turtle is a film to wake up the society, there is a lot of water problem in the country, which has been told like folk tales, Dinesh Yadav, the director of our film, has presented this film very well and it is a very beautiful film. Which wakes you up that when there is a shortage of water, when the time comes, the most important thing is water. And my role in this film is that person who is struggling a lot to get water on his land. It is said that there is gold inside the earth, it is not gold in the real sense, but something must happen which has a price, such is our film.

“Turtle” was awarded the National Award for Best Rajasthani Film, What would you like to say on this?

Whenever it comes to awards, above that I say that the purpose of the film is not to win awards, the purpose of the film is that the government should take the film to every household and the message it wants to give. If every small child sees and understands that film, then it is a bigger thing than an award, I do not understand that a good thing should be given respect and sitting on the sidelines. If a film talks like this, then it should reach out to the people, every single film. There is a new director, if he wanted, he could have made a film that would benefit him, but he made a film on his environment, got the award, it is a good thing that people understood him but this film should be taken far away. It is more important to reach this film to the masses.

OTT Platform zee5 But what was your first reaction after hearing the news of your film’s release?,

Some of the films released on OTT were very much liked by the people, while some films could not do much wonders, so it becomes their destiny to become a film. OTT has become such a platform nowadays in which everyone can sit at home and watch movies with their family. Some time ago I had a film “Kaamyaab” which from next week when first corona came then cinema halls were closed, and that film was highly appreciated and Shah Rukh Khan presented it through his banner red chillies ent So that was a very good film. But there has been a lot of problem regarding Corona. Many films have been made at this time but halls are not available due to which the films are not being released. At this time 174 films are ready for release, but in view of the condition of Corona, the government has closed the cinema houses for the time being, which has had a great impact on the industry, but it is a good thing that our film is coming on OTT, and when It will come on OTT then people will see and understand the film.

How has the shooting of the film been affected due to Corona?, ,Wow Zindagi” and “Turtle” had to watch because of Corona,

Both ‘Wah Zindagi’ and ‘Turtle’ are films before Corona, at that time we had not even heard the name of Corona, this is a film of 2 years from Corona. After Corona, I shot for a film by director Rohit Shetty. A lot of people work in Rohit Shetty’s films, as we saw in Golmaal, there is a huge cast, but this time there were only as many people as were needed. You do your work, then go away from the set, now the actor whose job is there will come on the set, so then everyone was very alert and is taking care of himself in his own way, no change has come by the way. Yes, when everyone meets, then there is always fun and jokes. But whatever happens, everything happens in a group in which people from outside will not come in.

,What was your reaction on hearing the story of “Wah Zindagi” and “Turtle” for the first time,

Wow I loved the story of life, but when Turtle was starting, before that I did a film “Kadvi Hawa” which was on the atmosphere and this is my second film which shows the problem related to water . I am a lucky actor that I am able to show the problem of water and the problem of environment to the audience with my art. I loved it when this film came to me or at least I am a part of this film and playing the feat of an artist.

Tell us something about your upcoming movies,

In the year 2022, more than one of my films will be seen by the audience, most of which are my comedy roles. In comedy role, I will see people in “Bhool Bhulaiya 2” and Rohit Shetty’s upcoming film and in addition to that, in 2-3 films, people will now see me doing comedy in these films of big production house and in a very good role. will see.

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