SC issues notice to Center on discrimination against SC, ST in IITs

New Delhi | IIT Supreme Court News : SC has issued notice for ignoring reservation rules in all Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) across the country. Issuing the notice, the Supreme Court has summoned the Central Government on the allegations of harassing the students. Justice L. N. Rao, Justice B. R. Gavai and Justice B. V. Nagarathna’s bench has issued this notice after the hearing. Petitioner Dr. Satchidanand Pandey has asked the Central Government to give its response on the demand of the Center to implement the policy of reservation in a proper manner in recruitment and admission in all the 23 IITs.

IIT Supreme Court News :

Allegations of ignoring the law

IIT Supreme Court News : In the petition filed, it has been said that apart from discrimination, there is harassment in implementing reservation. Because of this, a large number of promising students are committing suicide. The petitioner has alleged violation of law and harassment in the recruitment of faculty members from Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Castes and admission of research students.

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forced to leave IIT

IIT Supreme Court News : The petitioner has said that around 2400 students have been forced to leave IIT without obtaining a degree due to caste-based harassment and other unknown reasons. While 50 have died. Surprisingly, in this case, the real reasons were never given by these reputed institutions of the country. Referring to the 2018 data tabled in Parliament, the petition states that there are 6043 faculty members in various IITs, of which only 21 are from ST and 149 are from SC.

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