Second blow to BSP supremo Mayawati in two days, MLA Shah Alam left the elephant ride

Lucknow | Shah Alam Lefts BSP: Before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022, where CM Yogi is constantly giving gifts to the people of the state, on the other hand, the leaders of the opposition are leaving their own parties and joining the strong looking parties. In this era, giving a big blow to BSP supremo Mayawati, her party’s leader in the House and MLA from Mubarakpur in Azamgarh Shah Alam alias Guddu Jamali has left the party. He has also resigned from the post of MLA along with all the posts of BSP. Shah Alam has sent his resignation to Mayawati. Let us tell you that earlier on Wednesday, Vandana Singh of BSP left Mayawati and joined BJP.

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I don’t want to be a burden on the party
Shah Alam Lefts BSP: BSP MLA Shah Alam submits his resignation to Mayawati saying that in the meeting with you on November 21, I felt that you are not satisfied despite my devotion and sincerity towards the party. In such a situation, if my leader is not satisfied with me or my work, then I do not want to be a burden on the party.

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Before the elections, the custom of changing the party started!
Whenever the time comes for elections in the country, the leaders of the parties are often seen changing parties, but in the last few years this type of defection campaign has increased a lot. As soon as the time came for the elections going to be held in five states in the country, the process of changing the party of the leaders also increased so much as if it was an electoral custom.

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