Secondary education with orientation in Robotics and Programming arrives in Puerto Esperanza, from the 2022 school year

Carolina Espíndola, director of the Institute, mentioned that the creation of the educational offer arose from a need to respond to the high demand for secondary institutions in the area. He affirmed that it will be a public school under private management.

Carolina Espíndola – Channel 12.

The idea of ​​offering this orientation is established from several surveys carried out in the community, specifically with primary-level students, who were very interested in these topics.

Espíndola mentioned that they will carry out the registrations on Fridays from 8 to 12 and Wednesdays from 18 to 20, in the San Nicolás de Flüe parish, located next to the central square of Puerto Esperanza, where interested parties can come to inquire about the proposal.

Furthermore, he mentioned that “Robotics and programming are related to all areas of work and daily life” and the idea is to add this possibility of training for the boys of the northern provincial area.

Regarding the teachers who will be in charge of this orientation, the director commented that they have professionals in the specific area and that they went through training instances through the project “Add your School” belonging to the Robotics School of Misiones. high school with orientation in Robotics and Programming

Regarding the inputs required, he clarified that the Provincial Service of Private Education Misiones (SPEPM) He gave them part of the furniture for the start of classes in 2022. He stressed that the beginning of this cycle will only have a first year, since they plan to have a “vegetative” growth, that is to say that with the passage of time they will add more courses.

Finally, he mentioned that they have the collaboration of companies in the area, since they are committed to education in the areas of computer science, programming and robotics, because they are industries that work with automated systems, which require the insertion of trained young people.

And he remarked that the high school initiative is to prepare students for the world of work, to meet the requirements of companies in the area, and for young people to choose the career they like, being prepared.

high school with orientation in Robotics and Programming

IDI 2021 | More than 200 families participated in the Annual Exhibition of Experiences of the High School of Innovation

The director of the innovation school, Ramiro Aranda placeholder image, spoke with Misiones Online and celebrate the educational day: «We are very happy to be able to carry out our Innova, Discover, Imagine (IDI) again; that last year we could not carry out due to the pandemic ».

Annual Sample of Experiences

This exhibition carried out by the Misiones innovation school “is not a science fair,” according to the authorities, but rather, “shows the different ways students have to build knowledge within the classroom ».

For this edition of the annual sample of experiences, more than 200 families enrolled who were able to experiment with chemistry, physics and robotics throughout the morning.

Aranda took the opportunity to tell that “Next year we will have the first computer science graduates specializing in robotics in the country”.

He also explained that registrations for the 2022 school year are already closed – they were in September – and “more than 200 families registered.” Anyway, he informed that the 60 income quotas for next year have already been covered.

“The school of innovation comes to break traditional learning paradigms”, assured the manager and added that «We want and come to strengthen an inclusive school with active methodologies and putting the student in the central role. We seek that, through technology, students experience, participate and propose projects especially from the maker culture »Aranda finished.

Together with the Ministry of Education of Misiones and 13 other provinces they will present the federal program of Educational Robotics IOT @RoboticMissions

– (@misionesonline) October 4, 2021

high school with orientation in Robotics and Programming

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