Seeing the clothes of Urfi Javed, the fans got dizzy again, asked madam rats bitten or dogs bitten…

Mumbai | Urfi Javed Virel Video : Urfi Javed is no longer interested in any identity in social media. Urfi, who is often in discussion about her clothes, has once again appeared in a different style. This time it is a bit difficult to call what Urfi Javed has done fashion but she is Urfi and she does it. A video of Urfi Javed is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she is seen getting down from the car wearing strange clothes. It is a blue colored dress which is torn from place to place. Urfi looks very happy in the video but once again she has been trolled due to her dress.

doesn’t matter

Urfi Javed Virel Video : In the last few days, Urfi Javed has surprised people many times with his dressing sense. She has been trolled many times for her way of dressing. But even after this, Urfi Javed does not mind and she comes out wearing such clothes. This strange style of her is once again giving spicy masala to the people but is also raising questions on her dressing sense.

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Rats bitten or dogs bitten

Urfi Javed Virel Video : After this video surfaced, people started commenting in different ways. While sharing the video, a user said that madam you are amazing, this cloth feels that someone has gnawed at the mouse. On the other hand, another user wrote that looking at the clothes, it seems that the dogs have run and bitten.

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