Shah said- SP’s ABCD is different, A’s crime, B’s nepotism, C’s corruption and D’s riot…

Ayodhya | Amit Shah In Ayodhya : Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, there is continuous rhetoric between BJP and SP. Now once again Union Home Minister Amit Shah has challenged SP chief Akhilesh Yadav. Taking the name of Akhilesh Yadav, he has said that even if your second generation Akhilesh Babu comes, neither Article 370 is going to come back, nor will triple talaq come back. Let us inform that on Friday, Amit Shah had reached Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, where he first reached Ram Janmabhoomi. After the darshan of Ramlala, he said the above things while addressing a public meeting. Shri Shah said that ABCD read by SP is different. A means crime and terror, B means nepotism, C means corruption and D means riot.

what was the fault of the kar sevaks

Amit Shah In Ayodhya : Mr Shah said that SP, BSP, Congress and Mamta Banerjee were all together opposing the removal of 370. We had a dream for years that when our Kashmir becomes an integral part of India and on August 5, 2019, Modi ji uprooted 370 in Parliament. What was it, why did your government fire. Along with this, he said that what is your objection in removing the provisions of Article 370.

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Akhilesh babu may your second generation also come…

Amit Shah In Ayodhya : Referring to triple talaq, Amit Shah said that if Modi ji removed triple talaq, then these people are crying. Bring triple talaq, bring triple talaq. Akhilesh Babu, your second generation will also come, even then 370 is not going to come back, nor will triple talaq come back. Shri Shah said that when the Congress government was at the centre, SP-BSP used to support and every day Aliya, Jamalia used to enter from Pakistan and take away the heads of our jawans and the louse did not crawl on the forehead of the Congress party. Now when Modi ji became the Prime Minister, Pulwama and Uri were attacked, then within ten days Modi ji taught a lesson to Pakistan by entering the house by conducting air strikes and surgical strikes.

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