Shahrukh Khan got a new name plate installed at Mannat, wife Gauri did a trick to make the film a hit?

Some time ago some YouTube channels were saying this, rather they were claiming that if Pathan flops then Shahrukh Khan’s house Mannat will come on sale. How true is this news, how many lies, it is known to those who spread the news. But in the midst of all this a new news has come. The news is that the nameplate outside Mannat’s house has been changed and the new nameplate installed is worth Rs.25 lakhs. Now some people are taking a jibe on whether the vow was really going to be sold or is it some trick.

By changing this nameplate, has an attempt been made to change the fate of Shahrukh Khan, or has an attempt been made to change the fate of Mannat. Because everyone knows that after dancing in weddings, Shahrukh Khan had bought Mannat and when the news was coming that Pathan should not flop somewhere. In the meantime, that gutka ad was also coming for which he was trolled a lot but he did not give any answer to it.

Overall, it is meant to say that whether the vow is going to be sold or not, whether it is going to be auctioned or not, it is a matter of later, these are some channels spreading the news. But in the meantime the news of changing the nameplate has come, due to which this news has got a new angle and they are also discussing on social media what is the reason for changing the nameplate and why suddenly this nameplate was changed after so many years.

It was also said in the news that Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan felt that the nameplate was not of her level, that is why the nameplate was changed. All the things are happening on social media. But it definitely comes to mind that some time ago people were spreading news that Mannat is about to be sold and now the news has come that the nameplate of Mannat has been changed.

Well can changing the nameplate change the fate of Shahrukh Khan? Because everyone knows that they need a big hit film and only one hit film can save their career. Because what happened in October last year had left a huge stain on Shahrukh Khan’s career. Now let’s see what happens next and whether changing this nameplate can change the fate of Shahrukh Khan.

Shivam Bangwal

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