Shahzeb Azad’s Brown Pitch finds pride in saying that they connect the world through music

We came across one such record label and production house which has swiftly gained tremendous momentum in recent times in the music realm and has shown enormous potential to be a flag bearer in near future- Brown Pitch which is based out of Dubai, UAE. This emerging entity has already grown by double digits since inception contributing a lot to their fame and recognition. With their sole mantra of “connecting to the world through music,” Brown Pitch exudes sheer passion, brilliance, and resilience in providing the right platform and tool for many aspiring music artists, singers, songwriters, and composers who wish to make it big in the music industry. With talent, not the only criteria for them to look over music artists, they equally work hard in helping them develop other skills and expertise pertaining to the music world.

The music industry has been one of the finest industries which have always trusted and backed the right talent to go beyond boundaries and unleash core skills and expertise in front of millions of audiences spread across the world. There is no shortage of talent when it comes to the niches of the music world, which produces thousands of new young budding music artists year after year which embraces us with top-class music and songs enthralling one and all over the globe. But it also becomes far more important for the same music artist to get the right launching pad to gain the attention of listeners. For this, the presence and base of a good reputable record label and production house become imperative and necessary.

With an objective of providing best-in-class, unique and revitalizing tracks and chartbusters, Brown Pitch promises to raise the bar for performance on a consistent basis and keep the audiences and listeners entertained to the core. Their recent track “SubhanAllah” featuring popular TV actress Rashmi Desai has been able to attain huge buzz and popularity after its release recently. In no time the song has been able to garner more than 2 million views only on YouTube and is counting more day by day on many other social media apps as well.
Brown Pitch ensures to keep the next-gen audiences enthralled by their core music content and with many exciting projects in the pipeline, you can expect more mega-hits soon.

Do follow them on Instagram @brown.pitch

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