Shankar dies quality hero instead of Vivek .. Indian 2 Latest Update

The Malayalam movie Minnal Murali, which was recently released on the Netflix ODT site, received a unanimous response from the fans. Guru Somasundaram was the villain in this film. He has learned Malayalam for the film Minnal Murali and is speaking in his own voice.

Guru Somasundaram made his screen debut with director Thiyagaraja Kumararaja’s Aranya Kandam. Since then he has acted in films like Sea, Pandya Nadu, Jigarthanda and Joker. Guru Somasundaram played the district head in the film Betta along with superstar Rajini.

He then played the lead role in Surya starrer Jaybeem. Finally, Babu acted in a Tamil directed film. In this situation Guru Somasundaram is going to act in Kamal’s Indian 2 movie. The film is being produced by Leica.

Indian 2 was put on hold due to a conflict with director Shankar and the production team. Shooting is set to resume soon as both sides are at peace.

Actor Vivek was contracted to star in some scenes in Indian 2. But no one died unexpectedly on April 17 last. Thus the film crew was deliberating whether Vivek could finish the scenes as they were or replace him with another actor.

It has been reported that Guru Somasundaram will play the role of Vivek. Asathiya Guru Somasundaram, who has acted in various films, can be expected to go to the next level with his performance in Indian 2.

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