Shannon Nogueira: A success story that has inspired millions across the globe

When we asked Shannon Nogueira, a 24-year-old educator and entrepreneur from Mumbai about his views on success, he promptly said, “In the journey of life, success and happiness take the front seat only when you stop chasing money and start chasing your passion”.

It has been a year since this young lad from Mumbai started his venture ‘Shannon’s Academy of Learning’ which has only grown leaps and bounds since its existence.

An online institute that began in the corner of a bedroom with just one laptop and an enthusiastic educator sitting in front of it now has 25+ teachers who educate 2500+ students across 27 countries. The institute has transformed into an apex hub for education and has become one of the most sought-after institutions in the world. All thanks to the vision and mission of Shannon Nogueira.

Shannon, who is a teacher at Don Bosco International School, Mumbai, began his journey with a vision to be able to educate kids where every kid feels loved, respected and encouraged to learn. He believes in learners being able to unleash their full potential and live their dream. He does not want any child to stop learning due to financial constraints.

Shannon’s Academy of Learning and the Arts offer courses like Music, Foreign Languages, Speech and Drama, Personality Development, Vedic Math, Creative Writing and a lot more. They offer all of these courses at affordable rates so that they can cater to children from different demographics.

On being asked about his journey into teaching, Shannon was quick to tell us about his move of uncertainty. “I was a journalist at Star Sports, when I had the opportunity to work with kids on a theatre production. The experience was overwhelming and I immediately knew I had a passion to teach young minds”.

Overnight, Nogueira decided to quit his job as a journalist and enrolled to a teacher education college where he trained for 2 years. He gives a lot of credit to his teachers at St. Xavier’s Institute of Education for his success and mindset as a teacher.

His love for teaching and being able to inspire youngsters led to the creation of Shannon’s Academy. Since then, Shannon has bagged several awards and has many accolades to his name. Cambridge Nomination for Most Dedicated Teacher Award, Asia’s Best Educator by Asian Business Times and India’s Best Educator by Rotary Club are just a few of his awards.

Shannon gives a lot of credit to the teachers of the academy for its success. “ I have teachers who always step up and are willing to help in the smooth functioning of the academy. Many of them go above and beyond to make sure the academy functions smoothly. A few of them especially Jason, Olivia, Caleb, Shyann, Elroy, Pearl, Sherwin, Natasha, Marita, Aiman and Stalin go beyond their expected roles and do so much more for the success of the academy. From maintaining timetables, writing press releases, coordinating with parents to even sending reminders, these people have been a crucial part of this success story”.

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Currently, Shannon is only focused on being able to cater to more students across the globe and increase the tally of the number of countries the academy has taught. He believes that his vision will definitely come true in the near future. With a team like this, nothing seems impossible.

We asked Shannon to share a short message for the readers to which he says “Never say never, that’s my only message. The moment you think you can’t do something, think again, and trust me you’ll find your way. Just believe”

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