Shock to Congress! Before the municipal elections, Mukesh Goyal joined the ‘AAP’, the corporation councilor from Sarai Pipalthala

New Delhi | MCD Elections 2022: Municipal elections are to be held in the capital Delhi as well, amidst the Legislative Assembly elections going to be held in five states next year in the country. In such a situation, all the parties are trying hard for these elections in the capital. BJP, Aam Aadmi Party and Congress have put their full strength here. But in the midst of all this, senior Congress leader Mukesh Goyal has given a big blow to the party. Congress leader Goyal has joined the Aam Aadmi Party. Goyal had announced his resignation from the Congress sometime back.

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Corporation councilor is from Sarai Pipalthala
MCD Elections 2022: Congress leader Mukesh Goyal is the leader of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Congress party. Apart from this, at present he is also a corporation councilor from Sarai Pipalthala. Along with this, Goyal has been a constant corporation councilor, chairman of the standing committee of the corporation and various posts of the corporation for the Congress for 25 years.

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Congress rally against inflation

AAP will be strong in North Delhi Municipal Corporation with the arrival of Goyal
Before the elections, the Congress party is constantly being shocked by the setbacks. Now with the arrival of Mukesh Goyal, the Congress has suffered a loss due to the departure of ‘AAP’, but ‘AAP’ has got the strength of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. There are 272 wards in Delhi Municipal Corporation, out of which 104 wards in North Municipal Corporation and South Municipal Corporation, 64 wards in East Municipal Corporation.

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