Siddharth Arora enjoys amazing experience at Anjani Mahadev Temple

It is believed that going to holy and holy places is never pre-determined, but it is the gesture of God who makes it possible for us. The same thing happened with Siddharth Arora, who plays the role of Mahadev in &TV’s ‘Baal Shiv’. Recently, he made a trip to Himachal Pradesh, where he got a chance to visit the beautiful and unique Anjani Mahadev Temple. This temple, located in Solang village, has a 20 feet snow idol of Lord Shiva. Here the water flows continuously on the Shivling. It is believed that the temple got its name after Anjani, the mother of Lord Hanuman, who used to meditate and worship Lord Shiva here.

About to visit this enchanting temple, &TV’s ,Bal Shiva, playing the role of Mahadev in, Siddharth Arora says, “My trip to Himachal Pradesh happened all of a sudden. I wanted to see something unseen. It is said that going to some place is written in your luck. And that’s what happened with me. Looking at the hills and forests, I got a chance to see the beauty of Anjani Mahadev Temple. The decision to come here was made immediately. As soon as I reached near the temple, I got goosebumps and suddenly there was a communication of devotion and positivity in me. That feeling was very beautiful and can’t be described in words. Was. That was a wonderful experience. Taking blessings from 20 feet high Shivling, walking barefoot on slippery snow in freezing cold. Such an environment can be troublesome for one’s health, but by the grace of Mahadev, I did not feel anything like this. It was as if some divine power was lifting me up and taking me closer to God. After seeing the Shivling, my eyes became moist and I can never forget that feeling. That sight was etched in my eyes forever and it will remain in my mind. When you come to Manali, you must definitely visit the temple.

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