Singer Satyam Anandji and writer Sonia Aks’ beautiful album ‘Aks’ shot at Boney Kapoor’s Future studio

Boney Kapoor’s Future Studio in the Bollywood city of Mumbai is known for big and classic shoots. It was a bit of a surprise when an invitation came here for the coverage of the shooting of a video album here recently. The filming of Ghazal singing was going on on the sets. Famous singer-composer Satyam Anandji was in front of the camera along with his entire team. Satyam Anand is the same singer who was in the news sometime back for a prayer album ‘Bhagwan Mere Bhagwan’. Directly from prayer song to Ghazal album “Aks” Aajana…? He discusses this curiosity of mine after the shoot.

“The idea behind doing this album “Aks” is Aksji i.e. Sonia Aks Sonam ji.” Smiling Satyam. This is a ghazal album, think it is a beautiful bouquet of 8 songs. Eight of the eight songs are unsurpassed and written by Sonia Aks. Here they are all being pictured.”

All the songs of “Aks” have already been recorded which have been completed at Gravity, the recording studio of singer Sudesh Bhosle. Satyam Anandji has given vocals to the ghazals written by Sonia Aks. Satyam Anandji has also composed the music for the album “Aks”, which was recorded for Danem Ug Music Company. “This ghazal album is a bit off the traditional ghazal genre,” says Satyam. “We have put a little bit of modernity in it. There is also something in the voice of the writer. Our instrument mates have worked hard to record this album. On Keyboards Santosh Rai, Octo Pads – Naveen Oberoi, Tabla – Awadh Singh, Guitars – Arsad Ahmed have tried their best. The entire event is supervised by (Executive Producer) Deepti Muni. Singer can give good output only when the whole team is able to support.

“Aks” lyricist Sonia Aks is an English spokesperson by profession. He is post graduate (Economics, Hindi, English, B.Ed). She is a well-known writer, announcer. All India Radio has been giving programs from Rohtak and has been awarded with many awards. She has been writing Ghazals, Geet, Muktak, Doha, Novel Nazm. She was associated with singer Satyam Anandji through social media. “Some of my ghazals were liked by Satyam ji, which he has sung in his program, the same ghazals are in the album.

One of the ghazals of video director Bhavesh Pandey who was filming the ghazals with a team of 80 people was-
“He had told me again yesterday, rained in his eyes. What can you do with me, you want to be loved.” There is a ghazal of this album – “Not even a restful eyes, it has changed like this that now not even salam”.
Writer Sonia Aks has received many accolades for her social work. She has also been rewarded with Best Nari Samman along with Best Teacher and Girl-Guide. “I was impressed by Satyam Anandji’s album Bhagwan Mere Bhagwan (voiced by Anup Jalota, Madhushree, Soma Ghosh, Sudesh Bhosle and Satyam himself) which was a prayer song during the Corona period. “That’s when the work on this album started. I have a ghazal in this album- “Even after killing they say nothing happened, nothing is the punishment for such innocent crimes.”

Satyam Anandji, who has presented Anup Jalota’s singing style with variety, has given programs all over the world. His Ganpati album has also been very popular. Satyam Anandji, who has brought Bhajans, Ghazals and Bollywood Songs to life on stage, is all set to come out with Sonia Aks’ collection of Ghazals in the form of “AKS”.

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