Sirsa’s advantage is also in Delhi

The Bharatiya Janata Party gave a big blow to its old ally Akali Dal. He broke Manjinder Singh Sirsa, who was the pivot of Akali politics in Delhi, and got him included in his party. Sirsa joining BJP is a big event when Amit Shah himself got him included in the party and many union ministers and big leaders of the organization were present on this occasion. There is a general perception that through Sirsa, the BJP has challenged the Akali politics in Punjab. That thing is right in its place but in Punjab the BJP will remain a small ally and the alliance will be headed by Captain Amarinder Singh. Instead Sirsa has more utility in Delhi.

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In fact, elections to all the three municipal corporations are to be held in Delhi at the time of Punjab Assembly elections next year. At present, the BJP is in possession of all three municipal corporations. Therefore, winning this election is a matter of life and death for the BJP. If AAP wins in Municipal Corporation like assembly elections then it will be a big setback for BJP as well as for Union Home Minister Amit Shah because in Delhi now officially government means Lieutenant Governor and Lieutenant Governor is the head of Union Home Ministry. work under. The second importance of Sirsa is that they will be helpful in correcting the BJP’s deteriorating image among the Sikhs due to the farmers’ movement.

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