Sitting in the Santa Maria | The rector of the institution said that the ESI day encouraged female students to report harassment situations

After the complaints of harassment at the Santa María school, managers and teachers joined the dialogue and implemented new measures to address the situation with both students and parents.

In this sense, in dialogue with Misiones Online Cross, he said that the “Educate in Equality” conference that took place last Friday encouraged the students to denounce “the uncomfortable situations” they faced at school.

“Dialogue was generated with the students in the Educar en Igualdad talks where the ESI was addressed, from there emotions arose and we wanted to give them a space so that they can express themselves in a peaceful way,” said the rector in relation to the sitting that took place during recess at school.

harassment at the Santa María school
Claim posters at school

He also added that the students requested, in addition to measures being taken in the face of harassment situations, that the school uniform be revised for hot days and that Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI) be implemented in the school. Before the request, the rector assured that the claim was agreed between the different parts of the institution.

In principle, a pilot test will be carried out to evaluate the use of short skirts in the institution, for the physical education schedule and, in addition, the students will have the accompaniment of psychologists and other professionals.

Harassment at the Santa María school

The students of Sant María expressed situations where they do not feel comfortable: “We learned and provided solutions through the interdisciplinary team of psychologists and psychopedagogues of the institution,” said Cross.

harassment at the Santa María school
Claim posters at school

Regarding this, the cases would be studied, analyzing the context and the protagonists to try to understand the facts and provide solutions. “We are communicating with the parents, working with the girls and with the interdisciplinary team,” Cross said.

The rector said that there are no formal complaints so far, but that they work around the testimonies of the students.

On the other hand, Cross denied that the students were blamed for these facts for the use of skirts, as would have transpired and was forceful regarding the request of the students.

“They ask to have ESI classes and we decided to do so from the establishment, we are putting together the institutional project, although before they were given in a transversal way, from next year ESI hours will be taken in grades 1 to 5”, the rector pointed out.

This new measure that will promote the institution was “well received by parents” according to Encina: “Parents are happy that their children can be educated and they made themselves available, we had an immediate response.”

Regarding the “sit-in” carried out by the students of the institution, and in relation to the requests, the rector stressed that “it is extremely positive that they raise their voices.”

“I think it is extremely positive that students raise their voices and express themselves, that they find the space and we as responsible adults create that space, that we work together with parents, directors, teachers and the entire disciplinary team so that they feel safe and secure. come to school happy ”.

Finally, he referred to the fact that had previously occurred at the institution, when a student allegedly harassed colleagues, and said that, for this reason, it was decided with both parties involved, the authorities and professionals, that the student end the year virtually . He also said that the victims of this situation also had the possibility of completing the school year online.

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