Sitting on JCB, this couple wanted to do Grand Entry in marriage, but then something happened that will not stop your laughter…

New Delhi | JCB Couple Entry Marraige : In India, such cases often come to the fore when people do strange things to make their marriage memorable. But sometimes doing so becomes a laughing stock. One such video is becoming increasingly viral in social media these days. In this video, the bride and groom are seen riding on JCB. Initially this video looks very interesting but what happens later is surprising in itself. Laughter has been done to make fun and memorable, the bride of every bride is very expensive. Although the laughter of the people watching the video does not stop…

what’s in the video

JCB Couple Entry Marraige : In this video, the bride and groom enter their wedding venue by sitting in JCB’s work eight. This may be to show a special style that the bride and groom must have already practiced. But then something like this happens, seeing that the people present in the wedding are shocked. It can be seen in the video how suddenly this couple falls on the ground from heights. However, looking at the condition of both, it seems that they did not get hurt much.

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Video is going viral in social media

JCB Couple Entry Marraige : The video is becoming increasingly viral in social media. People are giving different types of reaction in this video. Some people are calling the bride and groom stupid, while some people are appreciating their courage. Be that as it may, after falling from such a height, she must have left the bride and groom. He must have also needed a doctor.

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