Sivakarthikeyan praised the RRR movie .. Is this secret valid?

RRR is a film directed by Telugu director Rajamellai after the success of Bhagwati. Starring Ram Charan and Jr. NDR, who are emerging as top actors in Telugu cinema, the film is set to release on January 7 across theaters across the country.

And since the film is a Pan India film, the promotions for the film in all languages ​​were huge. In that sense, the promotion of the film RRR was held in Chennai recently. Actor Sivakarthikeyan and Udayanithi Stalin were the special guests at the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Sivakarthikeyan said, “I have become a huge fan since I saw the film Magadheera directed by Rajamellai. Then I was amazed to see the movie on the fly. Ram Charan and Jr. NDR can be said to be either tiger or lion. That’s how far the screen looks.

Both of them have worked hard. A lot of people shed blood to buy freedom. So much so that the people in the RRR film are working bloody. We all see the movie in the theater, the respect we give them. I will watch the show from day one. ”

Sivakarthikeyan also praised the Telugu film industry. The reason for this is now known. That means Sivakarthikeyan is currently set to star in a bilingual film to be made in Tamil and Telugu under the direction of Telugu director Anudeep. It is said that he spoke like this to get the support of Telugu fans as this is his first Telugu film.

And when Sivakarthikeyan’s film is released in Telugu, shouldn’t they also praise him in the same way? That is why they are saying that man is currently pointing to fame. Cinemala all this sakajamappa

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