So is the community spread in Maharashtra, 8067 cases surfaced in a day…

Mumbai | Corona Mumbai Community Spread : Even in the new year, the threat of corona virus is not taking its name. The new variant Omicron is once again looking forward to the third wave in India. At present, the condition of Maharashtra has worsened the most due to this epidemic. The process of non-stop corona has started in Maharashtra, which looks dangerous. In the last 24 hours, 8067 cases have been reported from Maharashtra. Four of the new variants Omicron have also been found infected. It has been told that a total of 8 people have lost their lives due to this epidemic. Along with the Maharashtra government, the central government has also expressed concern over the ever-increasing infection.

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Corona Mumbai Community Spread : It is being feared that there has been a community spread of the new variant of Corona in Maharashtra. Although no official statement has come about this till now, but the way the cases are increasing, the apprehension does not seem wrong. The biggest reason behind this is that no travel history of the patients being found infected is coming out. In such a situation, it gets more weight that the community spread of Omicron has started in Maharashtra.

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Corona Mumbai Community Spread : The speed has suddenly increased in both the capital of the country and in Maharashtra. In such a situation, at present, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has imposed strict restrictions. CM Kejriwal has instructed to keep all private coaching institutes closed. Along with this, many strict rules have been implemented in view of the celebration of the new year. Similar restrictions have been implemented in the Maya city of Mumbai and Maharashtra as well.

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