Solution to demographic problems in families seen by Hungarian government

Prime Minister Viktor Orban will sign a joint conference statement with the heads of state and government participating in the event.

Katalin Novak said that the purpose of the declaration is for the signatories to testify that they also see the solution to demographic problems in their families. The text of the statement is still being negotiated, he added. The Minister also explained that five hundred guests are expected to attend the two-day event at the Castle Garden Bazaar, including leading politicians, public figures, scholars, civil and church figures, and representatives of the corporate sector who have a say in how to promote family-centered thinking. childbearing and family-centered responses to demographic challenges.

Seventy of eighteen countries will speak at the demographic summit, and more than a hundred media outlets have registered for the event, he added. The speakers will talk in sections on demography, sustainability and family-centredness. Among other things, family organizations and church actors will share their experiences in the panel discussions, but there will also be a theoretical, ideological bloc, and company leaders will share their thoughts on how they can contribute to family-centered life, Novák said.

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Katalin Novák caused to notice the way that insufficient kids are brought into the world in Europe and in the created world all in all, and the populace is continually declining. Hungary’s reaction to the segment difficulties is family-driven, in light of the fact that the public authority says the family has an answer, he pushed, adding that the principle subject of the current year’s segment meeting is maintainability, which is promised by the family.

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