Sony SAB artists share new year quotes

Mithil Jain aka Rohit from Shubh Labh – in your home:

“Every year, I resolve to be more honest and work on becoming a better version of myself – a better person, actor, son and father. For me, the ideal way to celebrate is to just be with family and friends and keep it close to each other. I really hope everyone celebrates safely and responsibly, we have seen some of the toughest times this year, and it is even more important to stay safe and be with our loved ones. In this new year love yourself, love others and be better!”

Shubh Labh Se Kinjal Pandya aka Preeti – In Your House:

“This year has been an absolute rollercoaster for me both personally and professionally. As I look back, I feel that every experience has taught me something new and that takeaway has changed me as a person and as an actor. This year, my resolution is to focus on self-care, achieving my fitness goals, staying healthy, and traveling whenever and wherever I can. I wish everyone a Happy New Year! May this new year bring lots of happiness, positivity and abundance in your life. And don’t forget to live in the present and live your life to the fullest.”

Shubh Benefit from Naseer Khan aka Niranjan Toshniwal – In your home:

“This year has only been about memories, with my loved ones and especially with my on-screen well-wishers family. My only mantra is to re-invent, learn and learn new things every year. My goal is to be fitter and healthier in the coming year. I only wish that everyone is happy, healthy, safe and with their families – this is the best way to welcome the new year.”

Simple Kaul as Koel from Ziddi Dil- Mane Na:

“I no longer believe in proposals because I fail to fulfill it. I believe in going one day at a time and with the flow. For me, it’s about celebrating and ringing in togetherness in the new year with the energy of positivity and love. I always celebrate the new year with my friends and family, and we go out for a nice dinner. I wish everyone a very Happy New Years!”

Aditya Deshmukh aka Special Agent Faizi from Ziddi Dil – Mane Na:

“Last year, I got to spend a lot of time with my family, we watched a lot of movies, played sports and had memorable moments together. It was a special year on the professional front too as I got to be a part of Ziddi Dil Mane Na and my character Faizi has taught me a lot. With every year, my resolve is to work hard and live up to everyone’s expectations and entertain my fans with my performances. I would like to continue this with a stubborn heart in the coming year and travel to Maldives to spend good quality time. Year after year my only learning is that no matter what happens, you should always be humble and keep humility alive. I have a friend whose birthday is on December 31st, so every year we go to his house and celebrate his birthday and new year’s eve together. We cut a cake, share gifts with each other and have a good time. I hope everyone out there is enjoying the joy of the festivities and really living it, but with the utmost safety! I wish everyone a great start to the year.”

Angad Haseja aka Kundan from Ziddi Dil- Mane Na:

“This year was really good for me, it brought a new change in my life as I forayed into films for the first time with my Punjabi film which will release soon. If I had to give a label to 2021, I would call it ‘different opportunities’. An actor moves a lot in life so if I compare myself to who I used to be and who I am now, a lot changes. I always celebrate New Year’s Eve in Gurudwara and celebrate 1st January with my friends. This is something I have been doing for years and hope to do so this year as well. I will soon be back on television as Kundan ji with a different look in Ziddi Dil Mane Na, so I urge everyone to watch it and tell me how you liked my performance.

Sumeet Raghavan as Rajesh Wagle from Wagle Ki Duniya:

“It’s been a really long time since I withheld New Year’s resolutions. I will be celebrating the new year on the sets of Wagle Ki Duniya as we are shooting, which is great because last year we were at home, so it is great to be back at work this year. I want to ask my fans to take care of themselves and stay safe from the new version and keep showering love during the show.”

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