Sorry boss! Why is the TRP of Bigg Boss 15 so low, know five reasons for not going in the right direction

Mumbai: Season 15 is soon going to be a big disappointment for the Bigg Boss fans! The season may have started off with a bang, but the past few weeks have been a downhill journey. The show makers seem to have lost the plot, and it is anything but fascinating. Fans are disappointed, and why not be! Favoritism, repeat candidates, boring “plot”, no task – the list may go on. We list down five reasons why we feel disappointed with this season of the reality show, which it promised in the beginning. (bigg boss 15 trp low )

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Boring ‘love stories’: anything but cute!

First it started with Maisha Iyer and Ishaan Sehgal and then it is Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. Whether the audience is fed up with the romance angle or is it unique to this season, only time will tell, but both love stories look compelling for this season! While social media was far more entrenched in trolling the former and calling them fake and even ‘obscene’, #TejRan also doesn’t look very convincing. Surely Tejaswi and Karan are big stars on TV and have a huge fan following, one has to wonder if the connection is just for votes! It’s hard to understand when and how the two actually fell in love with each other!

getting the same contestant over and over again (bigg boss 15 trp low )

What’s the point of including the same contestants as wild card entries that viewers have seen in the last season? Devoleena Bhattacharjee was in season 13 and then in season 14 as Ejaz Khan’s proxy, and she is the wild card again this season! And yes we loved Rashami Desai in season 13, but why would we want to see her again in the second season? The whole concept of wild card entries was to add an element of “shock” and surprise. But nothing surprising here! Not only are we seeing hordes of OTT contestants in Season 15, but the wild card also doesn’t offer any novelty. Once again, another repeat contestant joins the show! Yes Rakhi Sawant is entertaining and entering with her “mysterious” husband Riteish. Which is being judged as the selling point of the season. But it once again shows that the makers have very few tricks left in the bag to woo and engage the audience. Rakhi Sawant has already been seen in two seasons, and one is the same as the previous season! They are being called the “real VIPs”, but let us not forget that none of them won the trophy! (bigg boss 15 trp low )

OTT Candidate: Did Prateek not win the Season 15 ticket?

Prateek won the Bigg Boss 15 ticket after he withdrew from the race to win the trophy in the Bigg Boss OTT finale. But that act doesn’t make sense anymore as both Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat – who finished third and second respectively in the OTT season – joined the show. And the makers of the show also roped in Rakeysh Bapat and Neha Bhasin, albeit for a short time. Here is the fatigue factor. Also, why are we even watching a new show?

Shamita Shetty: Partisanship, anyone?

It is difficult to ignore Bigg Boss’s partiality towards Shamita Shetty. Be it Afsana Khan’s aggressive behavior and her “insensitive” behavior about co-contestant’s mental health issues, or her “I am always right” and “I am always fair” attitude, Shamita has often irked the audience. But the most surprising thing is that she is rarely pulled up by the producers or the host for her behavior. Also, check out the contestants who joined later – Rakhi-brother Rajeev Adatia, supposedly ‘boyfriend’ Rakesh Bapat and friend Neha Bhasin! While the last two are no longer a part of the show, you cannot blame the audience for thinking that the makers are providing one cushion after another for the contestants. Bigg Boss is all about sharing a house with strangers and building a relationship here. But one candidate, in particular, seemed to be getting all the outside support this time.

Where are the tasks? (bigg boss 15 trp low )

Last but not least, where are the acts that really define Bigg Boss? From the outset, the actions had little meaning for this season. Initially OTT candidates Nishant Bhat, Prateek Sahajpal and Shamita dominated the forest dwellers, not because they accepted certain tasks, but simply because the makers decided that OTT candidates would be privileged. Then when it came to the VIP room task, the then captain of the house, Umar Riaz, chose the contestants of his own free will, not because of any task. Vishal Kotian, who has now been dropped, was the last candidate to be inducted into the VIP and was the only candidate who got a special privilege by doing a job. This season has little action in general, and it looks like the audience will have to make peace with the talking candidates. But the conversations are also not very interesting! ( bigg boss 15 trp low )

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