Sreejita Dey out of Bigg Boss 16 made serious allegations, Gori Nagori did obscene act

The 15 October episode of Bigg Boss 16 was quite tense. In the episode of Saturday Ka Vaar, Salman Khan enters the house, after which the first elimination of Bigg Boss 16 is announced. Uttaran fame Sreejita Dey has been kicked out of the TV reality show. While his big dispute with Gauri Nagori had made headlines, he had to pay a big price for this fight. Sreejita called him ‘Standard Less’ and ‘Gavar’, due to which he was nominated.

Shared Sreejita Day Experience

Sreejita Dey has shared her experience in Bigg Boss 16. At the same time, he has made many allegations against Gauri Nagori. He has made many revelations during an interview with India Today.

On being evicted he said that I am disappointed by this

On being evicted from Bigg Boss 16, he said that I am disappointed by this! I didn’t even expect the family members of this at all. Before elimination, everyone in the house was telling me that it was not possible that I would become homeless. So everyone was surprised. I was very shocked. Now that I am out there, and seeing so many tweets about myself, I can understand that the audience is also shocked and disappointed by my elimination.

Sreejita said

Sreejita said that this journey has been very beautiful. I am very grateful to Bigg Boss. I have learned many lessons in my short journey back home. There are so many beautiful memories that I have made with the people around me that I am taking back home with me. Sreejita told that we were all in the kitchen, where this scene happened. She was not doing any sensible things at all that day. The importance in it was clearly visible. When I was serving food in the house, she came between me and Sumbul Tauqeer, wanted to wipe my hands with the towel kept there. I reacted to that. She could wipe her hand elsewhere. I closed the drawer from where she was taking the towel.

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