Star footballer Lionel Messi receives death threats, firing at family store as well

The life of Lionel Messi, the star footballer who won the Argentina team the World Cup 2022, is in danger. He has recently received death threats. Not only this, the attackers also attacked his family’s shop late on 2nd March. The attackers fired indiscriminately at his shop. The glasses of the shop were broken in this firing. After firing, the miscreants left a note there which read, Messi we are waiting for you.

Let us tell you that Messi’s family has a supermarket in Rosario, Argentina. Two gunmen have carried out the firing incident at this supermarket itself. The glasses of the shop were broken after the firing. The miscreants have fired a total of 14 bullets on the glasses of the shop, which has caused a lot of damage.

The statement of the Mayor of Rosario has also come to the fore in this matter. Actually the miscreants have left a note outside the supermarket which states that even Mayor Rosario will not be able to save Lionel Messi and his family. According to the note, he himself is also a drug smuggler. At the same time, after this attack, Mayor Pablo Javkin said that the supermarket that was targeted by the miscreants belongs to the football star Lionel Messi. The mayor said that the aim of the miscreants is to create chaos in the city.

According to the information, there was no casualty in this attack. It has also been said that the main purpose of this attack was just to attract attention. Fortunately, no one was present in the supermarket at the time of the attack. In such a situation, no damage has been done in this attack. However, the police have started investigating by taking out the CCTV footage.

Please tell that it has been said that Messi or his family has not received any kind of threat before this. Why the attackers gave such threats and what is the motive behind this firing is also being tried to know. Police say that the accused who threatened will be arrested soon.

recently acquired title
Recently, Argentina’s great footballer and star player Lionel Messi has been elected the best player of FIFA. This is the second time he has been awarded this title. Lionel Messi got this title after winning the Qatar World Cup 2022. Lionel Messi has won the title of FIFA Best Player in the men’s category.

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