Still learning Test captaincy, don’t mind doing something out of the box: Rohit

Rohit Sharma, who has captained only six Tests so far, said here on Monday that he is learning the tricks of leadership in the longer format and prefers to keep things simple and not go out of his way to grab attention. Are. At the press conference after the fourth and final Test match between India and Australia was drawn, Rohit was asked to analyze his captaincy, his answer was laughable. Rohit said, “Four Test matches. To accomplish (analysis) what? From Nagpur to here.I have been doing it since three Test matches.

However, when asked to rate his captaincy, he put things in perspective, especially Test captaincy. He has so far captained two Tests against Sri Lanka and four Tests against Australia. Rohit said, “I am still learning as a captain from every match that I have captained. I have captained more in T20 cricket than in other formats, but in Test cricket, I have only six matches of captaincy. I’m still learning My mates have played a lot of cricket and they are with me to help.

So what is an effective way to lead then? He said, “Whenever I lead the team, I try to keep things simple. My focus is always on not trying to experiment or do something out of the box. Just keep it simple because it is a longer format of the game and you need to be patient. You need to be able to take the right decisions and for that you need to be calm on the field. Is. When I am captaining the team, I always think about these things. Then like I said I am still learning captaincy. I am enjoying it.

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