Stirred by the new variant of Corona

New Delhi. After the discovery of a new variant of the corona virus in South Africa, there has been a stir all over the world. Originating from South Africa, this new variant has reached many countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting on Friday to consider this. Meanwhile, Britain has announced to stop the movement of aircraft from South Africa and five other African countries from Friday. In India too, those coming from African countries have been asked to be investigated and monitored.

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This new variant B.1.1.529 of Corona is believed to be more dangerous than the delta variant that caused havoc during the second wave in India. Scientists have told that a total of 50 types of mutations have occurred in this new variant. It is being told that 30 mutations are only of spike protein, due to which it is spreading more rapidly. Significantly, even before this, mutations have occurred in the virus and new variants have emerged, but most of the variants were not lethal and died on their own. This new variant is being told differently.

That’s when the WHO has called an emergency meeting on this. Christian Lindmayer, WHO spokesman, has said – Preliminary analysis has shown that many mutations are happening in this variant. Further study is needed on this. It will take a few weeks for us to understand its effect. He said researchers are working to understand this more. Lindmeyer said that after Friday’s emergency meeting, the WHO will issue instructions to governments around the world about the new variant, so that they can take further steps.

New variant found Indore

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On the other hand, with the news of the new variant spreading, France has suspended all flights from South Africa for 48 hours. British scientists had already warned about the new variant found in Botswana and said that it was carrying 32 mutations, due to which even the vaccine is not effective against it. Meanwhile, South Africa’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases has said that so far 22 cases of this variant have been found in the country. It has been described as a variant of serious concern.

In view of the danger of the new variant, the UK has currently banned flights coming from six countries of Africa. These include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Eswatini. Meanwhile South Africa Infection of this variant has also been found in people who reached Hong Kong from At the same time, instructions have been given to all airports in India to check passengers coming from Hong Kong and Botswana. The central government has instructed the states to take special vigilance. Germany has also decided to ban the travel of citizens to and from South Africa.

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